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Featuring Music inspired from years of living, working and playing at the end of the Gunflint trail.  Mark has spent much of his time on the trail in front of an old upright grand piano.  The standing grand piano was purchased along with Way of the Wilderness in the summer of 1976, it was used quite extensively over the following years. In the beginning primarily for the practice two songs, much to the chagrin of those also living in what is now the Outfitting building The 'Hill Street Blues' Theme and The Entertainer.  Over the years modifications of the two standards inspired original compositions that resulted in a play list that were first brought to the public light with Mark's first paying gig.  On  Friday and Saturday night Mark provided light background music for customers of Sea Island Lodge  for tips, and a couple of beers provided by the owners of Sea Island Lodge, Mike and Kathy Landy.  Over a 10 year period the number of compositions grew, out of necessity to fill the 3 hour "gig".  The result was the recording of "Sunset" in the spring of 1998 the same year Trails End Cafe was opened.  Thou his time is primarily occupied now with cooking and managing the cafe, Mark still finds time practice and perform on the standing grand piano which has now been moved from the outfitting building up it's current location in the cafe.


Click on the below links to hear a short sample of the tracks.

Tracks: Min.
Sunset 4:09
Wilderness Wanderer 3:05
Circles 3:20
Rainy Days 3:55
Misty Mornings 3:50
Daydreams 1:40
Drifting 3:30
Classic D 2:25
Once Upon A Time 5:18
Missing 3:25
My Regards 4:25
E.A.E. 3:45

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